EdgeLink allows customers to directly connect to one or more Direct Edge customer routers.  Through EdgeLink, firms have the freedom to manage their own connectivity by choosing their own telco provider or, if they have a presence within our primary or back-up data centers, order a cross-connect directly to Direct Edge.  Firms that wish to connect via EdgeLink will need to follow the below steps.


Select one of the below forms based on your status at Direct Edge and fill it out for both EDGA and EDGX. Then scan and email the signed copies to Member Services at memberservices@directedge.com.

Please see our Connectivity Summary Document for information regarding network and bandwidth requirements.


Order the telco circuit through one of Equinix's ISPs and Carriers, or if already have a presence at NY4, order a cross-connect to Direct Edge.  If you are using a telco provider, the provider must also order the cross-connect to Direct Edge.  Please contact Member Services at 201.942.8220 prior to ordering your telco connectivity as Direct Edge must first provide you with an LOA.

In the case our primary data center is unavailable, Direct Edge exchanges will operate out of our disaster recovery data center in the Equinix facility at 350 Cermak in Chicago, Illinois.  Please review our Disaster Recovery FAQs for information.   A list of ISPs and Carriers available via our disaster recovery data center is available here


Provide Direct Edge with the demarcation information and work with our technical team to verify connectivity.

You are now connected!

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