Support Documents

The following protocols, specifications, and guides can be used to access our exchanges and product offerings. If your firm is accessing Direct Edge for the first time, you must certify with our team prior to actively trading on one of our exchanges. Please contact Direct Edge Technical Support when you are ready to certify or have questions about certification.

Logical Port Connectivity for Order Entry

Depending on the type of connection to EDGA and EDGX Exchanges, firms must program to one of our access protocols and obtain one or more associated logical ports. The documents below are required for firms requesting new logical ports or terminating existing logical ports.



Market Data

Service Bureaus

There are a number of Service Bureaus that access EDGA and EDGX Exchanges through their trading systems. If you use a Service Bureau, please check with them to see if they provide Direct Edge access. Firms must then sign the following agreements authorizing the Service Bureau to send orders to Direct Edge on their behalf:

Data Centers

More Information

Download our Disaster Recovery fact sheet.

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