Direct Edge Market Maker Program

Direct Edge has instituted a Market Making Program on both EDGA and EDGX Exchanges. We expect that this Market Maker Program will help to increase liquidity and provide more trading opportunities for our Members.

How to Register

Direct Edge Members
Follow the steps below to become a Market Maker on EDGA and/or EDGX Exchanges:

  • Complete and submit the Market Maker Registration Application to BATS Membership Services.
  • Complete and submit your most recent FOCUS report, and most recent annual audited financial statements to BATS Membership Services.
  • Update FINRA’s Web CRD® for registration of at least one Market Maker Authorized Trader (MMAT). Maintain a current list of MMATs who are permitted to enter orders on behalf of the Market Maker and provide continuous updates to the MMAT list on FINRA’s Web CRD® system pursuant to Exchange Rule 11.21(a)(4).

Prospective Direct Edge Members
Only Exchange Members are eligible to be Market Makers on the Exchanges. Prospective Members are required to fill out a membership application for each Exchange as found on the Member Forms page. The completed membership application must be submitted via email to BATS Membership Services or via fax to 201.604.5474. All required materials found on the application checklist on the membership application should be included. Membership Services will be in contact within 48 hours to discuss the next steps.

Direct Edge has introduced attribution functionality to EDGA and EDGX. This functionality enhances the Direct Edge Market Maker Program, allowing Market Makers to identify themselves as willing to buy and sell securities on the exchanges to facilitate making continuous two-sided markets.

For more information, refer to the Trading with Attribution page.

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