EdgeRisk Controls

EdgeRisk Controls is a free risk management tool for EDGA Exchange (EDGA) and EDGX Exchange (EDGX).

EdgeRisk Controls provides pre- and post-trade protection with real-time, intraday risk checks via an easy-to-use web interface. The interface allows users to control the entry of orders against an array of trading checks that can be applied on a real-time basis.

  • Restrict trading in the pre- and post-market sessions
  • Restrict trading in Short Sales, Short Sell Exempt, and ISOs
  • Set Maximum Notional Value per order
  • Set Maximum Quantity per order
  • Set Duplicative Order Checks
  • Set Sub-penny Limit Order Checks
  • Manage Restricted Stock, Easy-to-borrow, Locate Broker lists
  • Cancel all existing open orders and/or prevent new orders from being entered into EDGA or EDGX (i.e., a sponsoring broker controlled “kill switch”)
  • Set aggregate credit checks on open orders, executed orders or both
  • Set aggregate credit checks on Net Notional Value

Email Alerts for Aggregate Credit Checks

Now you can set up email notifications to alert you when any of the aggregated order checks are approaching a specific percentage of the set threshold as well as when those thresholds are breached. The email alerts will apply to:

  • Credit Checks on Opening Orders
  • Credit Checks on Executions
  • Credit Checks on Open Orders/Executions
  • Net Notional Value Check (NEW)

The email sent will include the name of the participant, a description of the setting that has been breached and any relevant dollar amounts/percentages pertaining to this alert.

Integrated Infrastructure to Minimize Latency

EdgeRisk Controls is an ideal solution for latency-sensitive clients. Unlike third party providers, our pre-trade controls are integrated directly into the EDGX and EDGA trading infrastructure. This results in sub-microsecond latency and avoids introducing an extra hop to an external control system.

How to Access

Members access the EdgeRisk Controls web portal using a unique log-in and password for each exchange. Firms will be assigned a new, unique ID that will be visible from the Member’s account. Before accessing the online portal, Members are required to complete the following:

Please submit the completed forms via email to memberservices@directedge.com.

More Information

To request a log-in to access EdgeRisk Controls, contact Direct Edge Member Services at 201.942.8220, option #3. Contact the Direct Edge Sales Team at 866.472.5267 to learn more.

Download the EdgeRisk Controls fact sheet.

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